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 9th April 2020
Dear Colleagues

As the threat and spread of COVID-19 continues its path, and rapidly changing circumstances, we know already that we are facing unprecedented challenges for the foreseeable future. Our family doctors around the world have risen to the challenge of this global pandemic. So we need to share our experiences, make sense of what we can and look forward to a less frightening future. To level up of WONCA support to our Member Organizations, from region to region, and among professional health care team, staying up to date information through social media links and connections is one of our key strategy.

We are pleased to inform you that WONCA will launch a webinar series on #COVID19. The first webinar will be on 12 April at 1pm UTC and participating with WONCA President, President elect & representatives from all seven WONCA regions.  Subsequent webinars will be held every Sunday at 1pm UTC and details of topics will be available on the website and via social media.  

Please share this information to your members and if you are interested in join the webinar, please see more details below.

With best regards

Dr Donald Li
WONCA President

How to join WONCA Webinar on 12 April 2020
1. Please check your local time from this link: www.bit.ly/wonca-covid19-01-time
2. To attend the first WONCA webinar on Zoom, please go to this link: www.zoom.us/j/459308055 or
3. The livestream on the Facebook page of the World Organization of Family Doctors is also available, the direct link is www.facebook.com/woncaworld